Russian Organization to Search for Missing South Ossetians

Thu, 03/02/2011 - 11:55

General Lebed Peace Mission is planning to start search for the persons missing in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict of 1989-2008. As the head of the regional branch of the organization in North Ossetia Alan Tatarov told IA RES, the work of the organization is being discussed with the South Ossetian leadership.
"This year we are starting the project of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation to assist in tracing people missing during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict from 1989 to 2008. For these purposes the Public Chamber allocated necessary funding", said the Tatars.
According to him, at the initial stage it is planned to collect information on missing persons and their relatives.

"Later, when with the permission of the President of South Ossetia, the project will start, and we intend to collect blood samples from relatives of the missing persons to create DNA and data cards in the Republic. This will help us in our further work, so that in case if mortal remains are found, it would possible to identify them ", said Tatarov.
He stressed that this work is intended to facilitate the search activity.
"There have been cases where cities expand and there is nothing to compare the found mortal remains with, because there is no DNA information. These remains are often reburied in the cemeteries for unidentified remains. In this case, this problem could be easier solved. We together with the 16th Laboratory of the Ministry of Defense are planning to create a DNA data bank, so that remains are found, it is possible to identify them by means of using the DNA information to their relatives ", said Tatarov.
He said that his organization has also organized a recreation for children from South Ossetia who survived the Georgian aggression in August 2008.
"Children had rest at the resorts of Stavropol krai. We are also planning to organize recreation for relatives of the persons missing in South Ossetia ", said Tatarov.
According to him, the tracing group was engaged in tracing of missing people in local conflicts in the North Caucasus, including Chechnya and Ossetian-Ingush conflict for eight years.
"We have already carried out the work on the exhumation of the remains and the search for relatives of the people missing in the early 90s. Also during the conflict in the Chechen Republic we were engaged in the release of hostages. With our help, 218 people, both military and civilians of different nationalities, were freed from Chechen captivity”, said Tatarov.
The tracing group "Kharon" headed by Tatarov, is engaged in the search for the missing soldiers of the Second World War.
"We found about 2,000 of the missing soldiers, 500 of them were identified," said Tatarov.
In addition, the organization has found eight aircrafts shot down during the Great Patriotic War over the territory of North Ossetia, their crews were identified and reburied with full honors.

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