Alexander Lukashevich: the statements of Saakashvili are not more, than the next PR-action

Mon, 21/02/2011 - 11:41

Some answers of the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia A. K. Lucashevich to the questions of Mass Media. February, 17. 2011
Question: Having speech at the Parliament of Georgia, Saakashivli again made a statement of his readiness for having a dialogue with Russia. How could you comment his words?

Answer: It is not the first declaration of Saakashvili of his desire of arranging cooperation and a dialogue with Russia. It is doubtful to accept such statements seriously at least by the fact, that they are constantly accompanied by his rough anti-russian expressions, confrontation and offences. It’s enough to recollect his interview to the newspaper «Independent» and his direct performance on the «First informational caucasus channel», where he called Russia the enemy, with whom he had to hold the dialogue and he with blasphemy connected the terroristic act in «Domodedovo» with the recognition of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and also confirmed, that «the war with Russia is not finished».
The statements of Saakashvili at the Georgian Parliament are not more, than the next PR-action, the next awkward attempt to demonstrate himself as the constructive and peaceful politician.

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