The War in August 2008. The eye-witnesses are telling. Nelli Dzhagaeva

Fri, 25/02/2011 - 13:52

Dzhagaeva Nelli Gerasimovna, 1970 r., a citizen of Tskhinval.
It is impossible to forget the events of August 2008. The terrifying pictures of the aggressor’s brutality and the burdens, which have fallen to our people` lot during the whole period of Georgian aggression, are all time before our eyes.
That evening I felt myself very bad: several days before I had been operated, and I decided to go to bed earlier. About 12 hours at night within the seven and eight of august we heard the terrible blasts. I awoke up at once and run into the room to my children (I have two daughters and one son).
My daughters were sitting on their beds, looking at me scarcely. We ran into the cellar in one robe and slippers. I was shocked of this situation; I could not understand what was happening. Was it really true, that Georgians dared to attack our Republic?
My son was not at home: two days before he had been called to the work, and he was on duty there. I was much worried about him, I wanted to call him, but he had left his telephone at home. I decided to go upstairs to take the telephone, I reached his apartment with my legs trembling and leaning on the wall. Suddenly the blast thundered sharply, the windows and the doors were smashed and knocked out. I lay on the floor, closed my head with my hands and has lain so about 20 minutes. The blasts were heard not stopping any minute, sometimes the missiles were exploding quite nearby. My daughters were worried about me and also followed me upstairs. So, we were at the apartment till three o’clock at night, because we couldn’t rise up. I couldn’t manage to get my son through because of the lack of the mobile communication.
The barbarous fire was not stopping several days. The Georgians were firing us from all types of weapons: from mortars, systems of volley fire "Hail" and etc. Five long nerve-racking days we spent in this cellar, in the dark, we could not even think about meals under fear of death. We wanted to sleep awfully, I had intolerable headache from insomnia and from the blasts. It seemed to me, that I was loosing consciousness and I would not be able to regain consciousness again. I only prayed the God to save my son and take my life, but rescue my children.
But we all have a hope, we waited the Russian army, we believed that it would come and rescue us.
In 20-th, and in 90-h years of XX century Georgian aggressors also undertook the attempt of destruction of the Ossetian people. We have suffered much troubles and miseries then and now. We shall never forget this brutality, shown by Georgian fascists. Thanks God that all has been finished so, I would never wish even the enemy to suffer all this horror.

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