The war in August 2008.The eye-witnesses are telling. Rudik Gagloev

Mon, 28/02/2011 - 17:17

Gagloev Rudik Soslanovich, 1960. Citizen of Tskhinval.
The War in August 2008 has brought our people much troubles and miseries. Within the seventh and eighth of August 2008 at night, when started the war, I was at home with my wife and my little child. The first blasts have thundered at 12 o'clock of the night. We came down into the cellar, I thought that we would wait some time, and the fire would subside. The Georgians periodically had been firering South Ossetia, provoking us on return actions. But this time the situation turned out otherwise. The terrifying blasts have been hearing. My daughter was crying, she did not understand what was occurring.

In spite of massive fire on Georgian side, I went to the street and somehow made my way through to my neighbours. They were in panic too. We decided to transport our children beyond the border of the Republic. About three hours at night I took my wife and my children out and together with my neighbours sent them to Vladikavkaz. I myself stayed at home. I thought the attack would be ceased the following day, but the fire was increasing and increasing.
In the morning of August 9, I came out of home and again went to my neighbours. At this moment a missile hit my house, it became completely ruined. On the will of God, I miraculously stayed alive.
We were sittings in the cellar of the nearby building, through the windows we could see, as Georgians on tanks were passing us toward the town. The comprehension of the fact, that we nothing could do, was very painful. Five days have been passing as eternity. We did not even hope that we would survive.
A lot of innocent people perished in August 2008. Georgian neo-fascists have been killing and have been taking the citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia prisoners. They took our neighbour Tamaz Kabisov in captivity; hitherto no one is aware of his whereabouts.

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