Minister of Foreign Affairs: the drugs have been delivered to South Ossetia from Georgia

Mon, 07/03/2011 - 18:05

Georgia was a large problem for South Ossetia in sense of delivering drugs to its territory. The deputy minister for foreign affairs of South Ossetia Alan Pliev has declared IA "Res" about this fact, commenting the statement in the report of the USA State Department, which had emerged in the number of electronic Mass Media, about the possible transportation of drugs through the territory of South Ossetia and Abkhazia
"Georgia was a great problem for us because of illegal supply of drugs on the territory of our Republic till the moment while the border became to be controlled by south - ossetian and russian force structures on the whole perimeter after the repulsing of georgian aggression in August 2008. Several operations for stopping drug-traffic and detention of the persons who were connected with the trade of drugs have been implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RSO before 2008. In the course of these operation were revealed just the people, delivering drugs in the Republic of South Ossetia", - Pliev has said.

He has emphasized that on mutual agreement of the sides within the framework of Mixed Control Commission, Georgian police was always informed about the operations which were planned by south-ossetian law-enforcement bodies.
"It is amazing, but georgian drug-dealers always learned of place, date and the methods of the undertaken actions that directed on thoughts about joining the force structures with drug-dealers ", - deputy minister has noted.
Pliev has also emphasized that at present the situation in this sphere in South Ossetia is much more better, than it was in that period.

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