«A missing» citizen of South Ossetia has been found out in Georgian prison

Mon, 14/03/2011 - 18:52

The citizen of South Ossetia, whom the Georgian side called the missing one, was found in one of the Georgian jails. As the Deputy Representative of the President of South Ossetia for after conflict regulation Merab Chigoev reported the correspondent of IA "Res", Vazha Bosikov, "missing" from the last summer, has been found in one of the jails.

"Since June of the last year the citizen of the South Ossetia Bosikov Vazha Filippovich had been considering as missing in action. We have been recently informed that he was found in Georgian prison Ksani. Не has been sentenced to four years of loosing the freedom for illegal keeping of explosives .
He has emphasized that the facts, when people of RSO, who are detained in Georgia and are putting invisibly the subjects not belonging to them, often take place.
"The facts, when the citizens of South Ossetia, who has broken the regime of transition of the georgian-ossetian road, on the adjacent side are put invisibly weapon, ammunitions, drugs and etc, into their pockets and convict them, sentencing to long loss of freedom, take place not for the first time ", - has noted the Deputy Representative.
He has added that at the meeting within the framework of the Mechanism of prevention and reaction on the incidents (MPRI), which has taken place today, on March11, in Ergneti, the south-ossetian side has appealed to the representatives of Georgia to make clear the fate of this person within a few days.
We shall remind, that at the meeting within the framework of MPRI have been also discussing the organizing questions, the issues of exchanging the citizens of Georgia and South Ossetia who had been detained on the adjacent side, gas supply of Leningorskiy district, safety of people in the frontier zone and the other ones.

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