The meeting within the framework of MPRI took place in Ergneti

Tue, 15/03/2011 - 16:14

The organizing issues have been basically discussing at the meeting within the framework of Mechanisms on prevention and reaction on incidents.
Deputy Representative of the President of South Ossetia for after the conflict regulation Merab Chigoev has informed IA «RES».

"There were 12 questions, on the whole of organizing nature, on the agenda. The meeting has been holding more than four hours", - he has reported. As he said, the main point of the discussion was an issue of presiding at the MPRI.
"Hitherto there has not been settled the problem of presiding at the meetings of MPRI. Today we have offered three variants, but the georgian side and the representatives of EU and OSCE have not support them, and the following meeting will pass in the same size," has reported Chigoev.
In turn, co-chairman of Geneva debates from OSCE Giedrius Chekuolis, who has presented at the meeting, has offered to put off the time of the future meetings of MPRI on half an hour later, and everybody agreed with this suggestion.
"Besides, the ambassador has offered to alternate the place of holding the meeting of MPRI between Gori (Georgia) and Tskhinval (South Ossetia) or in the other relevant places. We categorically rejected this offer and put forward another one that we would accept such offer if EU and OSCE legally presented at the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia. Hereon this question has been taken out of agenda", - has said Chigoev.
The Georgian side has also raised the question about exchanging of preliminary information on military maneuvers, which are conducting near the georgian-ossetian border.
"We came to the opinion that if the information is given by all the sides, this point will be quite acceptable", - has defined the Deputy Representative.
Two more items of the agenda - exchanging the information, what force structures are acting along the georgian-ossetian border, their numerical quantity and the problems and the question of organizing regular bus transition between Karzman (South Ossetia) and Sachkhere - have caused sharp rejection from the south-ossetian side.
"We have noted that the border has been guarding by Russian and South-Ossetian frontier guards, and if required we would be able to set up the posts of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior Affairs - our internal business and we are not going to share these information. What about the bus transition between Karzman and Sachkhere – it is a political issue. There is the state border of South Ossetia between these villages and, requiring free bus transition, they want to show the conventionality of this border. Certainly, we sharply have been objecting to this point", - has emphasized Chigoev.
At the meeting it has been also discussing the organizing questions, the issues of exchanging the citizens of Georgia and South Ossetia who had been detained at the adjacent side, safety of the people in the frontier zone and the other ones.

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