The statements of Georgia about the championship in Columbia - do not correspond to the reality

Fri, 18/03/2011 - 16:30

The statements that the championship, conducting nowadays under the aegis of the Worldwide Association of Futsal (WAF) in Columbia, is not a serious measure and nobody would not acknowledge it, because it has been conducting by the "private company", has been lately emerged on some of the georgian electronic mass media and does not correspond to reality. This has been reported IA «RES» by the Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Youth Policy Bakchva Tedeev, commenting the expressions of the Georgian functionaries.
« Worldwide Association of Futsal was created in 2002. The Act of establishment of WAF was signed by 24 countries. This organization protects the interests of football in hall and adjusts the rules of the competitions in this kind of sport. This is already the tenth championship of the world, conducted by WAF", - has said Tedeev.

As he says the teams from Argentina, Peru, Columbia, Paraguay, Russia, Catalonia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Brasilia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and South Ossetia take part in the tenth championship of the world.
He has noted that there are some discords between WAF and another football organization of FIFA, which carries out its own championships of the world. There are also some differences in the rules of playing futsal of WAF and futsal of FIFA that affect on the technician-tactical preparation.
"But each version has its own adherents and admirers. And calling the championships of the world, conducted by the Worldwide Association of Futsal, the act of establishment of which has been signed by the representatives of 24 countries, the not-serious action – is an insult and the manifestation of the disrespect to the adherents of WAF futsal all over the world", - has noted Tedeev.
He has also emphasized that notoriously false and offensive are the words, that the championship of the world in Columbia is conducted by the "private company".
"One has to repeat once more that the world championship in Columbia has been conducting by the Worldwide Association of Futsal. It is an official, legitimate organization, it is known to the admirers of futsal in the different countries of the world. WAF was created in 2002. The Act of establishment of the WAF was signed by the representatives of 24 countries", - the Deputy Minister has said.
He also noted that the fact of participating of such large countries as Russia, Brasilia and Canada, and also the teams of Argentina, Mexico, Catalonia and Uruguay, which are considered as the strongest in the football world, says for itself.
He has also noted that the utterances of the Georgian official persons and sport officials about the intentions "to take measures" on cause of the participation of the team of RSO in the championship of the world on futsal can not be perceived seriously.
According to his words it’s high time for Georgia to submit with the reality and to acknowledge the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia.
"The Republic of South Ossetia – is an independent state already recognized by some states and the process of recognition of RSO by the other countries will be going on. So we make decisions ourselves in what competition we shall take part and what we have to do", - has said Tedeev.
He has emphasized that the authorities of the Republic of South Ossetia will hereinafter conduct the active work for all the athletic federations and organizations of RSO would have been recognized by the international athletic federations and would have participated in the competitions of the European and world-level.

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