The War in August 2008. The eye-witnesses are telling. Zoya Dzhioeva

Mon, 21/03/2011 - 17:27

War never goes away without leaving a trace. The events of the august war 2008 have left the indelible trace in our hearts. That night I was alone at home. Having heard the blasts, I run into the cellar. The blasts were becoming more powerful. A missile hit the neighboring house the fragments of which hit my own house and beat out the window. I thought, I would not live before the morning. The next day of the war the lads of Tskhinval called on me, they were calming me me, that everything would be all right and that Russia would come and rescue us by all means. My sons also came, I could not describe my happiness, when I saw them alive, but each of their leavings made my heart tearing, each time I thought that I saw them the last time, but what I would be able to do?
I was persuaded to leave for, but how I could abandon my own children?

In 8 August I heard, as the helicopter was flying above my house. I ran out to the street, went upstairs to the balcony and began waving my hand to them, because I thought that there were the Russians who had arrived to rescue us, but I was deeply mistaken. Having seen me, they opened the fire; I even could not remember how I reached the cellar.
I saw the georgian infantry, they were passing along our street, I was frightened very much, I thought that they would call on me and shoot me, but, fortunately, they turned to the other side and left.
Nevertheless, in August 9 my son persisted on that to take me in Vladikavkaz. While going over the Kvernetsky road we miraculously remained alive. The Georgians were firing us with the incredible cruelty; my son was driving the car by tooth and nail. I closed my eyes and began praying God to save us. We somehow managed to break through, but the, which was following just behind us, burst, all the passengers were burned.
My neighbour and namesake Dzhioev Azamat who had been quite young perished in this bloody war.
God forbid whomever to suffer l such terror.

Мой мир