Their blood will remain for ever on the hands of georgians

Fri, 25/03/2011 - 15:42

20 years have passed! They will never be forgotten in Ossetia!
In March 24 1991 the Georgians attacked the ossetian village of Helchua. They were burning the houses, raping the women, did not spare even oldsters and children, many inhabitants of this village are hitherto considered missed in action.
There were the marks of cruel violence on the bodies of the murdered; many of them had been cut off their hands and legs. Amongst them was Nina Bestaeva, the chairman of the committee of the perished families, the missed in action and the wounded, Zarina Tedeeva is recollecting. Zarina herself had buried her husband then. He was among the victims of Eredskaya tragedy, who were brutally killed by the Georgian gunmen in March 18 of the same year.

As the eyewitnesses tell, Nina was found by her own son. The woman was mutilated very much. The Georgians did not disdain looting; they cut off her finger to take out of the wretched her single ring,
Not less cruelly was killed Khugaev Sergey Iliich. He was found in his own house by his relatives.
"When my grandmother entered the house, and more precisely, that part of building, which had not burned, she saw my grandfather. He was lying in the bloody puddle, his skull had been perforated, his legs and hands had been scooted through. 9 bullets" had been extracted from his body, - tells the grandson Khugaev Sergey.
Kisiev German, who had been fighting in Great Patriotic war with the German fascists, was killed in the same village by Georgian fascists. In several days he was found in the ditch outskirts with cut off hands.
Those days the georgians robbed and burned the villages Velit, Tcnelis, Gvirgvina, Prineu of Znaursky region of RSO.

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