TV Space Bridge took place between the Ossetian and the American students

Wed, 27/04/2011 - 16:19

TV Space Bridge between the students of the Republic of South Ossetia and the United States of America. has taken place in the capital of South Ossetia -Tskhinval For the Ossetian side in the TV Space Bridge participated the students of the South-Ossetian State university, and for the American side - the students of the University of the city Tampa (USA, Florida). The representatives of the faculties of both universities also participated in the TV Space Bridge, which has taken place in the evening of April 26.

The participants have exchanged the opinions about the students` life, have told about the activity of their high schools, and have also mentioned .the history, the traditions and national peculiarity of their people. The South-Ossetian students have also shared the recollections about the war of August 2008 with their American peers. At the same time they have noted the positive moments in the process of rehabilitation of the Republic. The American students, in turn, have told about their own preferences in their studies, how they usually spent spare time and also their hobbies. At the end of the TV Space Bridge the rector of the south-ossetian university Taymuraz Kokoev has expressed his gratitude to its organizers and also expressed the hope that the similar actions will be conducted in future by both sides. "Due to the organizers of such live transmissions we’ll be able to know each other better ", - he has said. The Rector has also called the American students to popularize the language, the history of the ossetians. "Our people are the carriers of the highest culture of our ancestors -the Scythians, Alans, and Sarmats. It would be well if you are interested in learning our language, our history and our traditions". At the end of the action the participants of the TV Space Bridge have presented some musical show.

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