The citizens of Georgia have violated the border of South Ossetia through ignorance of the frontier rules

Fri, 20/05/2011 - 12:34

Four citizens of Georgia, who have been detained by the border guards of the Border service of KGB in the RSO for violating the frontier on 18 May, are feeling themselves well and have no claims concerning the prison conditions. The detainees themselves have told about it in the course of the meeting with the journalists in Tskhinval. They don`t speak Russian so they were associating with the journalists through the translator. According to the words of the 20-year- old inhabitant of the village Modzvi (Sachkherskiy region, Georgia) Nodzadze, early in the morning of the 18 of May, he went to the wood by minibus with the other villagers for picking up the .wild plants. «There were eleven of us in the minibus. We have arrived in the wood and began picking up the wild plants. Approximately .in half an hour the armed people in military form came up to the tree, on which I was at that moment, and offered me to come down ", - has told Nodzadze. He has reported that the shooting started at the moment of their detention, but being under stress he did not understand, who was shooting and what weapon it was "The people sitting in the minibus had no any weapon", - has confirmed Nodzadze.

He did not know that he had violated the border of South Ossetia, because he didn’t know where it passed. "I realized that I had violated the frontier only after our detention. If I had known there passed the border, I would not have gone there by all means", - has assured us the detainee. A dweller of the same village David Kvedelidze, born in 1994, was detained under the same circumstances. After the detention he also heard the shots - first several single ones, and then- the bursts of submachine-gun fire - but he could not see the shooting ones, so he had bent down being frightened very much. Answering the journalists about the prison conditions and the treatment on the part of the frontier-guards, Kvedelidze has confirmed that they didn’t undergo any physical or psychological influence on the part of the border-guards both at the moment of detention and after they had been delivered in Tskhinval. «We have been treated humanly, we were fed and spent the night in reasonable conditions", - has told Kvedelidze. One more dweller of Modzvi, 13-year old Dato Nodzadze also feel himself well and does not complain on the prison conditions. "We are all in the same room, and we are treated well", - has said the teenager. The 24-year old dweller of the village Bakhioti of Sachherskiy region in Georgia Goga Boskhrekidze also confirms that he hasn’t known, where the border with South Ossetia passed, because they were not warned about it, and he did not see any signs or inscriptions, including the Georgian ones on the way to the place of their detention. "If there were some inscriptions about the border, we would never go there", - has said Boskhrekidze. According to his words, there were also 20 more people in the minibus except of the 11 ones arrived with him. Boskhrekidze also confirms that he has not seen anybody with arms in the minibus. We should remind that on 18 May, near the village Lopan in Znaurskiy region a group of the Georgian citizens, residing on the territory of South Ossetia illegally, were detained by the border guards of the Border service of the KGB of South Ossetia in the course of the actions on guarding the boundary. At the moment of detention, the border-guards have undergone the gun fire on the part of the unknown persons, who dispersed by return fire of the border-guards and managed to escape on the territory of Georgia.

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