Dina Alborova: Georgia has to follow Serbia

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 10:49

The world changes and Georgia should adopt the experience of Serbia in mutual relations with the republics which have become the part of it by Stalin's decision in the beginning of the XX century. The South-Ossetian political scientist Dina Alborova, carrying out the comparative analysis between the latest developments in Serbia and Georgia, has come to this conclusion «This week the first interstate,- I should underline,- treaty has been signed between Serbia and Kosovo and has facilitateв life of the grassroots living in these countries. Certainly, it would be perfect, if such contract was signed between South Ossetia and Georgia. It seems to me that this year nothing like this will happen, but nevertheless it is necessary to think about that the world changes, and we can always appeal to the experience of mutual relations of Serbia and Kosovo», - has underlined Alborova in conversation with the correspondent of the news agency "Res". In her opinion, that Serbia has taken this step testifies that Belgrade has realized inevitability of the definitive international recognition of Kosovo.

«Though Serbia is resisting, the recognition will happen, and it is better to receive some dividends», - has noted the political scientist. Alborova is assured that for Serbia the future entry into the European Union is more important, than Kosovo. «Kosovo for Serbia means the lost territories though a lot of things are related to it for Serbia, - it is the mythology, and the origin etc. A lot of factors psychologically, morally and ethnically tie Serbia and Kosovo. But Serbia is looking in future and, for certain, will choose the introduction into the European Union», - she has said. The political scientist has also mentioned about the possibility of entry of Serbia and Kosovo into the European Union as two separate states, having underlined that interrelations between Georgia and the RSO differ from those one in the Balkans. «Georgia and South Ossetia have other interrelations as we are following the different ways, and the way we are following, of course, has its privileges which should be considered. Certainly, it is good, when there are official arrangements when there are any official interrelations, but meanwhile it is difficult to imagine it», - has noted the political scientist. In her opinion, the further development of the situation depends on the work of diplomats.

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