The problems of refugees and the displaced persons have been gradually resolving in the RSO

Fri, 05/08/2011 - 16:43

The problem of socio-economic integration of refugees and the displaced persons is one of the most important in our Republic for today. It is a problem of vital importance, which has to be solved in the near future. The head of the department of social support of refugees at the Ministry of health and social development Kazbek Karsanov has informed the news agency «Res» about the state of affairs in this sphere.

News agency "Res": What is the quantity of refugees and the displaced persons from villages of the Republic during the Georgian aggression? What are their conditions of life?

- Today the quantity of refugees and the displaced persons is 3600 men. The majority of them has received this status in the nineties, the others- in 2008-2009. The stream of refugees does not stop, though, it is less than before. Unfortunately, the conditions of life have changed a little. Basically they live in the same public centres. Really, people live in bad conditions; we help them, as we can. But I hope that in the near future the situation will start to change for the better.

News agency "Res": How the rights of refugees and the displaced persons are protected in our Republic?

- I can tell definitely that their rights are not infringed. All positions provided by the law of the Republic in relation to this category of population, are observed. In particular, they are released from public utilities charges. Besides, their children have some privileges entering the South-Ossetian State University.

News agency "Res": What can you say about the process of socio-economic and legal integration of refugees and the displaced persons in the Republic?

- It’s a difficult question. Not dynamically enough, considering the present circumstances. The main problem is –to provide them with comfortable habitation. For today it is not available. There is one more urgent problem - their job placement.

News agency "Res": Tell us, please, more in detail about the steps in providing refugees and the displaced persons with habitation? Whether any state project is developed for decision of this problem?

Next year we plan to begin implementing the Program on settling the refugees. One should not drag out this process. Priority position of this Program is returning of the displaced persons to their former places of residence, in countryside. Many of those who work in various state bodies - the Ministry of Emergency, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Defence have already received habitation in the micro-district «Moscovskiy». As to the displaced persons, they have arrived basically from Znaursky and Tskhinvalskiy regions. At present in these areas the restoration works on eliminating the consequences of the war in 2008 are also being conducted. Thus, some families will have a possibility to return to the place of former residing. Refugees from Georgia have no this possibility, they are in more difficult situation. It is planned to construct a small town for them next to Tskhinval.

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