The plan of a "peace" attack on Tskhinval - is ruined or postponed?

Thu, 25/08/2011 - 16:19

Lately the so-called «peace march» planned by Georgia is being actively discussed in mass-media. In this action under the pretext of «returning of refugees in their houses» it is supposed participation of people who are not refugees at all; in due time they have absolutely voluntarily left the territory of South Ossetia, having yielded to propaganda of the official Tbilisi. The fact that the action is not being arranged by public organizations, but by special services of Georgia, causes some vigilance. Actually, it`s obvious, that a large-scale provocation is planned.

Naturally, after spreading the information, revealing the far-reaching plans of the Georgian leadership, Georgia at all level is denying even the intention of carrying out such action. However some publications of the Georgian press allow drawing a conclusion that the plan to carry out provocation all the same was developed. The Internet resource "Georgia-online" has published a small article under the heading «What for Russia needs provocation in Tskhinval? ». In this article it is noticed that the «citizens of Georgia have the right to move all over the territory of the country at any time and wherever they want. It is their legitimate right». It`s difficult to argue with this fact. But it`s not clear enough, how the territory of Georgia is related to the territory of South Ossetia. Undoubtedly, refugees have the legitimate right to return to their houses. During the 14th round of the Geneva discussions the delegation of South Ossetia has declared that «it is ready to return to the places of their former constant residing the inhabitants of Leningorskiy region, RSO, who have become the victims of politicians and propaganda of the Georgian authorities and who have left their dwellings and property since August, 7-12, 2008». The Georgian side did not responded to the call, as it has never sounded any statement for readiness to return in places of former residing in Georgia more than 100 thousand refugees-Ossetians, compensating them the cost of their lost property. As the Plenipotentiary of the RSO President on post-conflict settlement Boris Chochiev has explained to the news agency "Res", having made such proposal, South Ossetia «has put Georgia in an awkward position"."They, of course, did not expect such turn of events. Thereby, we have confused both the plans of Georgia, and their supporters, including the UNHCR. In Georgia big-time policy is built on refugee problems. Returning of refugees is not included into their plans. They prevent these processes in every possible way, inventing various reasons and obstacles. For example, safety of the population is not provided properly», - Chochiev has declared. In his opinion, one more reason that Georgia keeps silent on this point, is unwillingness to lose money allocated to them by some countries and international organizations.«If Georgia agreed to co-operate with us in this question, they would simply cancel all the money which are allocated for maintenance of the refugees in Tserovani», - Chochiev has said. The Georgian propaganda asserts that Russia tries «to distract Georgia from the processes in Abkhazia» on the eve of presidential election there. There is a question: whether so intent attention of completely unfriendly state to processes occurring in these countries, is necessary for Abkhazia, and South Ossetia.

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