War in August, 2008. Eyewitnesses are telling. Rita Kozaeva

Mon, 31/10/2011 - 11:25

Rita Kozaeva, born in 1972, an inhabitant of Tskhinval
I`ll never forget the war in August, 2008. In the night of August, 8, when the massed bombardment of all Republic launched, I was at home with my mother and children. Having heard the first explosion, we rushed for the children, and at full speed ran into the cellar. The electricity was disconnected, it was very terrible. I was calming my children, as I could. None of us could ever think that such things could occur in the 21st century. In the evening before, we had heard the speech of the Georgian president on TV; he said that from that day forward there would be peace between the Georgian and the Ossetian people. Nevertheless, he once again proved that his words cost nothing; the Georgian military men attacked the sleeping Tskhinval at night. The missiles were falling one after another, all the sky was in flame, at each explosion we shuddered and did not know what would happen in a minute. All of us hoped that by the morning the bombardment would stop, but the things became worse. In the morning the Georgian monsters entered the town, crushing everything on their way, sparing nobody.

In intervals between the bombardments our neighbours came running, we tried to calm each other, but the only thing I could think about then, was how to take my children off, how to rescue them. Our neighbours decided to leave the town and suggested us to go with them, my mother did not want to leave, but nevertheless I together with my three children decided to leave for North Ossetia. On the way we came under fire of the Georgian sniper, I hundred times regretted that had left the town, that I had endangered my children and had left my mother absolutely alone. God willing we reached North Ossetia alive. But I was feeling myself even worse there; I did not know what actually was occurring in Tskhinval. And it was impossible to phone my mum. Thank God that Russia rescued us. But for the Russian army, I can`t imagine what could have happened with my country. We will always remember it and we`ll always be thankful to the Russian people for their help.