CIS EMO: Elections in South Ossetia are held as much democratically as possible


Voting in South Ossetia has been held as much democratically as possible. It was declared by a member of the international organization on supervision over elections CIS EMO Stavros Vitalis at the briefing in the Central Electoral Committee Information Centre. As he said, during the monitoring of presidential election in South Ossetia group CIS EMO has found out some new details in the electoral process. «I am a member of democratic movement in Greece which represents direct democracy. But here, in South Ossetia, our group visited several polling stations and has been amazed to see, how much democratically the voting process is being held».

Vitalis has noticed that the election process in South Ossetia strongly differs from the European one. «We have seen that representatives of both presidential candidates are fixing their signatures on the back of the bulletins before the voting. It strongly differs from the European process of voting which we use in Greece», - the observer has underlined. The other CIS EMO observer Stegios Prapaveris and Hortarias Athanasius, in turn, have also estimated that the electoral process in South Ossetia, is fair and democratic.

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