Whether the OSCE admission to South Ossetia is real?

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 11:54

Recently voices for OSCE admission to South Ossetia have once again been heard from Tbilisi. This organization was working in our country during 15 years. The period from 1993 to 2008 was quite enough to understand its essence. What the OSCE means for South Ossetia knows everyone: false provocative and actually inciting to attacking us, slanderous fabrications under the pretext of «objective reports on a situation in a conflict zone».

The decision on opening the field office of the OSCE Mission in Georgia was adopted by the leadership of South Ossetia in 1993. People, who had made this decision, believed that the office personnel would hand over the truthful information on the occurring events to Vienna, and Georgia would no more dare to make the actions similar to the genocide in 1991 - 1992. However in the OSCE "reports" numerous crimes of the Georgian police and soldieries against the people of South Ossetia were carefully secreted (especially it concerns the period after coming to power in Georgia Michael Saakashvili and after his intention to defrost the conflict), and the crimes which could not be hidden, were presented in a manner of incomprehensibility. Most of this information was transferred by local officers on military monitoring to the Tbilisi mission, where successfully disappeared from the total reports. Even in the report on events of August, 7-8, 2008 there was not mentioned the fact that Tskhinval had already been half destroyed by the Georgian troops, though in the forenoon of August, 8 the employees of the organization still were in the town and signaled of the event. There is no also mentioned in the reports of OSCE the fact that on August, 7 Georgia was bringing up numerous grouping of the armed forces to the border of South Ossetia, including heavy military technology, though the employees of OSCE, leaving that day Tskhinval, saw it themselves. One of them, the British officer Rajan Grist who on arrival to office of the Mission in Tbilisi tried to give the alarm and not to admit military operations, but he was subjected to the unbridled persecution by the head of the mission Terhi Hakala, and his efforts were blocked. OSCE purposefully headed for that this war would take place. For covering its true purposes and relaxation of South Ossetia OSCE carried out humanitarian projects, distributed the humanitarian help, Terhi Hakala herself came in Tskhinval, visited a museum, wasted compliments and smiled much. OSCE was also realizing the program of small grants, small credits … Recipients were glad and happy, however, when bullets and shells fell upon us OSCE, having supported Saakashvili, took unequivocally pro-fascist position everybody regretted about their good feelings toward this organization. The evidence of the criminal attitude of OSCE towards South Ossetia is the fact that all its employees who sympathized with South Ossetia, were subjected to pressure, and some of its fair employees, who after the war in 2008 dared to tell the truth, underwent terrible prosecutions, intimidations and persecution and were literally expelled from this organization. As well as «the international observers» during the Serbian-Croatian conflict in the territory of the Republic of Serbian Kraina, OSCE was collecting and handed over the information of one of the conflict parties. Otherwise, how could one explain the fact that in one of the computers of the "Sanakoev administration», confiscated in the village Kurta, there were photos of participants of a youth protest action against inactivity of OSCE concerning bringing of the Georgian police forces into the village Pris in summer, 2006? OSCE is not the guarantor of anything good for South Ossetia. The guarantor of safety for South Ossetia is exclusively and only the military power of the Russian Federation, let it get stronger day by day! South Ossetia does not accept OSCE in any kind, only in if it recognizes our country and admit it without special preferences. Then it would be possible to open representation of South Ossetia at the OSCE headquarters, and in Tskhinval - Mission of OSCE in the Republic of South Ossetia. But it will only be engaged in what the leadership of South Ossetia tells (agriculture, for example, or culture, a science), instead of relations with Georgia (it would not be desirable, «the same old story»). Our consent on any other terms will be treachery of national and state interests of the Republic of South Ossetia.

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