The South Ossetian team held the first match in the European Futsal Championship

Wed, 16/05/2012 - 11:43

The Futsal team of South Ossetia conceded victory in the first game at the European Championship, which started May 14 in the Belarusian city of Brest. Thishas been said IA "Res" by the head coach Eric Berezov.
"We met with the Russian national team. This is one of the strongest teams – it is the winner of the last year European Championship. In the first half our players were not able to fully adapt to so experienced rivals, the boys were a bit worried and the first time ended 2-0 in favor of the Russians "- said Berezov. But then, he said, the South Ossetian players had adapted to thecontender, they coped with emotions and began to play more effectively.

"During the second period our rivals managed to score two more goals, but the South Ossetian players had also two successful attacks. In the middle of the second half Sergei Makeevich, as result of the successful attack, sent the ball into the gate of the Russian team, and then his success was repeated by Alan Khadikov "- continued the coach.
He also added that the game had ended 4-2 in favor of the Russian national team.
"During the match the South Ossetian athletes were also able to create many scoring chances. Several times our guys went one on one with the goalkeeper. But due to lack of experience in performing in competitions of such a large scale, they, unfortunately, could not realize them - underlined the coach. The tournament organizers have recognized our game against Russia the most spectacular out of the three matches, being held the same day. Taking into consideration the relatively short length of Futsal trainings, I think, that the South Ossetian team played with such strong contenders rather well."
Berezov added that its next meeting a team of South Ossetia would hold the same day.
"Our guys will play with the team of Catalonia. They are experienced players; in addition, Futsal is a popular kind of sport in Catalonia, so the players are qualified very well. The team of Catalinia took part in the last year World Championship and in the last European Championship they took the sixth place ", concluded the coach.

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