MelitonKazity: Perpetrators ofthe Zartragedy remained unpunished

Sat, 19/05/2012 - 17:16

The Zartragedy ofMay 20, 1992. Witnesses' memories.

MelitonKazity, Chairman of the Writers' Union ofSouth Ossetia:

I learned about theZartragedy from the townspeople. Everybody wasin panic.That daymany people were drivingon that road and everyone was trying tolearnanythingabout his relatives, friendsand acquaintances.Some time later thetruck approachedthe hospitalwith thedead.

Trail of bloodwas followingthe truckfrom Zar. Irushed to thehospital. A lot of people had gathered before the hospital- it seemed thatthe whole town was in front of its door. What a horriblespectaclewere witnessing the gathered! Many of them could not standand lostconsciousness.The bodieswere somutilatedthatit was difficult toidentify them, sometimes it was evenimpossible.After a whileI, myself,felt unwelland walked away. People wereoverwhelmedwith grief,but in the meantime they were outraged byso brutalacton the part ofGeorgia, andthe perpetrators ofthe Zartragedy remained unpunished.

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