The attempts of the West to create the anti-Russian sentiments in the Caucasus require more active and effective reaction of Russia

Thu, 23/08/2012 - 22:19

The Western countries, which adopt the leading positions in the aggressive military-political bloc of NATO, actively continue to intervene in the internal affairs of Russia.
Their goal, in particular, is the expulsion of Russia from South Ossetia, the destruction of the South Ossetian State (and also, as in 1991 - 2008 - the holocaust of the people of South Ossetia) as well as destabilization of the situation in the North Caucasus in order to separate it from Russia and make it their protectorate and a springboard for further military actions against the rest of the Russian state.

In this case, ranks the first the myth of imposition of some "Russian occupation" of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Amazingly, not only the Russian propaganda, but in some cases even the Russian officials in the international organizations completely ignore the danger that lurks in this. This is evidenced by the fact that one of them "abstained" from voting for the resolution containing calumnious inventions about the "occupation."
Meanwhile, are increasing the political activities of the Western officials that are the component parts of the advocacy for representing Russia as the aggressor, which poses threat to peace and stability in Georgia and in the Caucasus region in whole.
Thus, the OSCE Secretary General has proposed to discuss "the risk of recurrence of Russia's military aggression against Georgia" within the frames of the "Forum on Cooperation and Security."
"If the Georgian side is concerned about it, we will consider this issue as at the conference, which will be held soon in France," - said Lamberto Zannier in Tbilisi. For some reason, he has mentioned some concerns of Georgia, though just Georgia is the aggressor and the source of destabilization in the Caucasus. And the well-grounded apprehension of South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia, whose soldiers and civilians were killed by the NATO arms of the Georgian army, is hypocritically ignored by the Western politicians. It's safe to say that the representatives of South Ossetia will not be invited to this event and the neocolonialists will be speaking whatever they want behind our back.
A powerful U.S. Congressman John McCain is "concerned" about the Russian threat to Georgia. He said about it in his interview to the Georgian journalists within the frames of the OSCE PA in Monaco: "I am very concerned about the overt threat of Russia to Georgia and the military exercises at the border with Georgia scheduled for autumn; we in Congress are doing everything to supply Georgia with the defensive weapons." This statement sounds in unison to the first, where he has said that these politicians are not voicing their opinion - the directives on what to say and what phrases to use, are sent them centrally. Moreover, by his statement McCain has recognized unwittingly that till now the West was sending to Georgia not defensive but offensive weapons, so it considered it the country, which had to attack and attack, but not to defend itself. The reaction of Russia in 2008was excluded by the West, so Georgia had not been supplied with the defensive arms - just with the offensive.
All these military-raising activities are aimed at supporting the American stooge, Mikhail Saakashvili, on whom the West is placing high expectations in its fight against Russia. With some hidden design, expressing the true reason of his "concern", the U.S. Congressman emphasized that he was "confident in the Georgian people, and they will make the right choice at the fall elections to the parliament of Georgia."
These actions require the creation of favorable conditions for the public and non-governmental organizations in Russia and South Ossetia for more active participation in the international forums and more effective protection of the interests of Russia and South Ossetia at the international level and in the international media space.

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