South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov met with a delegation of the news agency "TASS"

Sat, 30/05/2015 - 17:09

In Tskhinval took place a meeting of the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov with the delegation of the Russian news agency "TASS."
The meeting was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister of South Ossetia Eric Pukhaev, the Chairman of the State Committee of Information and Press of South Ossetia Vyacheslav Gobozov.
The Head of State welcomed the guests of the Republic, expressing his gratitude for the interest shown in South Ossetia.
"I am always glad to see our friends from the news agency" TASS "- the president said. - I am very glad that you show such an interest in our country, because South Ossetia is a strategic partner to Russia, as well as Russia is our main strategic partner. I think that our meeting will contribute to further development of relations between our countries.
On Monday will take place a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the development of South Ossetia and the implementation of the Treaty, signed on March 18 between our countries."
Tibilov has noted that thanks to Russia South Ossetia is now a free country.

The President has stressed that today in South Ossetia is being celebrated one of the most important dates in the recent history of the Republic – the Day of adoption of the Act of Proclamation of the Independence of South Ossetia.
"Today is a festive day for us, - said the president. - Yesterday we hold main activities, including a meeting with the first convocation deputies of the South Ossetian Parliament. We recalled the history of our republic, those were really difficult times."
First Deputy General Director of TASS Mikhail Kalmykov also welcomed the head of state, congratulating him on the holiday.
"We are very pleased to be here in South Ossetia, - said Kalmykia. - This morning, we took part in the round table, which was attended by people who stood at the origins of the adoption of the Act of Independence of South Ossetia. We had a warm conversation, people shared their memories, and we realized that even then we were close in all respects. TASS then wrote a lot about those events. I believe that our meeting today in a peaceful independent South Ossetia is the main result of all that we have done together. And today we are one of the first after the signing of a bilateral agreement between the two countries. "
According to Kalmykov, the agency plans to open an office in South Ossetia.
"We are going to open an office in South Ossetia, of course, with your help, - said Kalmykov. - We will send out news, especially the good ones because, I think, the limit of negative news for South Ossetia has been exhausted. You, in turn, in your daily work can always rely on the TASS. For us, South Ossetia is not only a point on the map, but part of our destiny. Here in the most acute moment worked our journalists, many of them were awarded. I want you to know - we are always with you. "
At the end of the meeting the sides exchanged gifts.

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