South Ossetia gives our project an international status - author and project manager "Beacons of Friendship. Towers of the Caucasus "Ruslan Gusarov

Mon, 26/06/2017 - 16:25

Speaker of the South Ossetian Parliament Peter Gassiev met with the famous Russian journalist, author and head of the project "Beacons of Friendship. Towers of the Caucasus " Ruslan Gusarov.
During the meeting, Gusarov spoke in detail about the youth project of interethnic accord "Beacons of friendship. Towers of the Caucasus. "
"Our project is called" Beacons of friendship. Towers of the Caucasus ", and in the broad sense
"Beacons of friendship - Culture of the Caucasus, "Gusarov said." The idea was born for a reason several years ago when on my return from a trip to the Middle East I began to work with young people from one of state universities of Russia and was engaged in youth information policy. We began to study such a question, what kind of interethnic relations we have, including with those from the Caucasus. In conversations it turned out that everything is not bad and is moving in the right direction, but there are elements of misunderstanding, simply lack of proper knowledge about each other, it generates complexes and misperceptions. "
According to Gusarov, it was decided to invite young people to come to the Caucasus and get acquainted with this region on the spot.
"But not just to visit, as it usually happens," explained Gusarov. - We proposed to come with a mission, do something useful together, and jointly study the local realities. So the project "Beacons of friendship" appeared and these lighthouses at the first stage became the famous Caucasian towers in the Caucasus, especially in its central part, "Gusarov specified.
The author of the project drew attention to the fact that, unfortunately, many towers are destroyed under the influence of various factors.
"We wanted to draw attention to the problem of preserving cultural monuments, in this case in the Caucasus region, we wanted to put the part of our soul and our physical strength in youth to do something useful to preserve and possibly restore these facilities under the control of specialists," Gusarov said. "And we would also like to draw attention to the tourism opportunities of those regions the participants who will be engaged in our project, and all this for the sake of the main goal - the goals of interethnic accord."
Gusarov has noted that last year the project was implemented in the republics of Ingushetia and North Ossetia - Alania.
"The result of the project, which we implemented last year, we believe is successful, and as a result, we want this year to implement a project in eight regions," said Gusarov. "The project includes the Republic of Dagestan, the Chechen Republic, Ingushetia, North Ossetia-Alania, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Adyghe Republic and the Republic of South Ossetia, which is already a state and thus becomes not only another important region, but, in fact, gives our project an international status and extends the borders of the project. We are very pleased to know this. "
Ruslan Gusarov said that the project is held under the slogan "Towards the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi".
"The motto of the project:" Moscow - the Caucasus. Keeping a legacy. Bringing peoples closer together! ", he specified." The project is considered as an organic part of the All-Russian program of the Sochi Festival. Well, the project itself is based on the formula of voluntary labor in exchange for education. "
According to Gusarov, 80 participants will participate in the project, 40 of which are representatives of Moscow universities and 40 representatives of the Caucasian regions.
He has added that the project will be presented by the participants at the Mashuk Youth Forum, where a closing ceremony will also take place.
For his part, Peter Gassiev expressed his gratitude to Ruslan Gusarov for the opportunity for South Ossetians to participate in this project.
The meeting was also attended by the Head of the Presidential Executive Office of South Ossetia Igor Kozaev, the Minister of Culture of the Republic Zhanna Zasseeva.

Katerina Pukhaeva
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