President: the events of February 20, 1988 became a turning point in the life of the Artsakh people

Wed, 20/02/2019 - 13:25

President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, congratulated the President of the Republic of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan on the day of the revival of Artsakh, the press service of the head of state reports.

“On behalf of the leadership, the people of the Republic of South Ossetia and on my own behalf, I cordially congratulate you and your people on the national holiday - the Day of Revival of Artsakh,” the message reads.

Anatoly Bibilov has noted that the events of February 20, 1988 became a turning point in the life of the Artsakh people.

“Having displayed fortitude and steadfastness of spirit, the freedom-loving people of Artsakh embarked on the path of realization of their inalienable right to self-determination,” said Bibilov. “Today, the Republic of Artsakh, having developed a balanced and firm position on the protection of statehood, is following the path of social and political stability, consistentlyachieving international recognition.”

According to the President, he is convinced that the relations of friendship and cooperation between South Ossetia and Artsakh, based on mutual trust and support, will continue to serve the interests of the two nations.

Bibilov wished Sahakyan good health, success in his work, peace and prosperity to the brotherly people of Artsakh.

Speaker of South Ossetia Peter Gassiev, in turn, congratulated his colleague Ashot Ghulian on the Artsakh Revival Day.

“February 20, 1988 is a special date in the history of the Republic of Artsakh, the day when its people expressed unshakable desire for freedom and independence,” the Speaker said.

He has noted that the hard, long struggle, in which the best sons of the Armenian people sacrificed their lives for the sake of the just victory, led to the creation of a statehood based on democratic norms and principles of international law.

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