The US intends to shift the legitimate government of Venezuela

Tue, 05/03/2019 - 16:11

Today, the world's attention is focused on the 32 million Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Under the cover of caring for its people, the United States is trying to force several trucks of humanitarian aid on its people. Closely associated with the United States, the Chairman of the Parliament of the country, Guaydo, has declared himself president and is trying to win over the military and representatives of other security agencies.

The other day, the opposition was trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the country, which the government of the legitimate head of state, Nicolas Maduro, categorically did not intend to accept. The President announced that he is completely closing the land border with Brazil and is considering the possibility of closing the border with Colombia. Venezuelan Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez has previously reminded that under international humanitarian law, humanitarian aid is provided in the event of natural disasters, armed conflicts, and war. According to her, the statements about the humanitarian crisis are designed to justify the invasion of Venezuela, but the people will not allow this.

During the attempted delivery of humanitarian aid on the border with Colombia, several trucks were burned, and on the border with Brazil, according to the NGO Criminal Forum, four people were killed. Maduro declared the severance of diplomatic and political relations with Bogotá. In fact, the photographs clearly show that the fire was carefully supported by people who doused them with gasoline, until the journalists finished photographing and filming.

As we see, they want to present the legitimate government as tyrants, which deprives its people of humanitarian aid, while the opposition, which is closely linked to the United States, acts in the guise of caring for the people of Venezuela.

Here, of course, we are not talking about real humanitarian assistance. In fact, this is only a false trick, designed to disguise the true causes of the economic problems of Venezuela with false, fake care for its population. This is similar to Georgia’s pitiful and outrageous propaganda attempts in the early 2000s, when it was boosting the theme of “humanitarian aid” to South Ossetia in the form of mineral fertilizers that were not needed here. Georgia intended then to present the situation in such a way that the lack of fertilizers, but not Georgia’s military aggression, was the cause of the difficult economic situation in South Ossetia. And not the burning of 117 Ossetian villages, the destruction of production facilities in South Ossetia from factories to collective farms as a result of military aggression and economic blockade, the continued economic blockade of South Ossetia and the blocking of food supplies to the Ossetian villages. Starting with the imposition of humanitarian aid, acting on American prescriptions, Saakashvili ended up in open, full-scale military aggression against South Ossetia, using aviation. The same plans with regard to Venezuela are being hatched by the United States, which do not conceal preparations for an invasion of this freedom-loving sovereign state.

Venezuela in recent years has indeed been experiencing an acute financial and economic crisis, which dealt a significant blow to the governmental social policy and political stability. Opponents of the current government claim that the blame for what is happening lies with the government of the Republic, which, allegedly, has brought the country to such a state by its inept economic policies.

"In the richest oil-bearing country of the Western Hemisphere," they falsely wring their hands, with a thoroughly rehearsed shudder in their voices and groaning, "hunger reigns!"

Let`s consider the causes of the socio-economic crisis that has engulfed Venezuela.

First of all, it is a myth that, before Chávez came to power, Venezuela was the richest country. In fact, 70% of the population of the end of the twentieth century lived below the poverty line, were illiterate, and real revolts of the hungry, called "Caracaso," took place before Chavez and Maduro in 1989, and ended in mass executions by the then pro-American dictators. This is the situation that the US and its allies want to return to the country.

But for the first time in all of its centuries-old history, people of this Latin American country freely elected President Chávez, who was really concerned about social justice and decent development conditions for the working people of the country - the creators of the foundation of its material well-being. When he came to power, Chávez nationalized PDVSA, the main oil companyand directed oil revenues to finance social programs - millions of people first went to see a doctor, children’s mortality declined sharply, medicine reached the remote corners of selva, where had never been a man in a doctor's smock. All medicine (including complex operations and even dental prostheses) in Venezuela has become free. Before the Bolivarian Revolution, this was considered a luxury.

Only under Chavez, the Venezuelans had a 40-hour working week (instead of 48-hour) with two days off, compensation was set for dismissal in the form of a two-month salary, the period of maternity leave was set at 26 weeks. The years of the second presidency of Chavez are known for a number of social programs, such as Children of Venezuela and the Great Housing Mission, carried out in 2012–2013, the first program was aimed at providing material assistance to low-income families in which children were growing up without fathers.

In addition, thousands of new schools were built in the country, especially in rural areas. The standard of living of the population began to grow significantly. Over the past period, more than 2 million families have received free housing in Venezuela.

Of course, the United States, which, with the help of its protégés in recent years, had succeeded in overthrowing the progressive presidents of Argentina and Brazil, Christine Kirchner and Dilma Ruseff, did not like such an independent social policy of the Venezuelan leadership, The US does not like the independent foreign policy of Caracas, which is aimed at good relations with Russia and recognized the Republic of South Ossetia and the Republic of Abkhazia.

The United States introduced sanctions against Venezuela in summer 2015. The main buyer of Venezuelan oil was the United States, and in the United States were mainly purchased foods and medicine, essential goods, and everything else. US sanctions are also sanctions from their satellites, which are firmly moving in the wake of American foreign policy. Restrictions touched on agreements with new debt obligations and securities issued by the Venezuelan government and the state oil company, as well as contracts with a number of existing debt obligations. Recently, the United States extended sanctions. The American leader, Donald Trump, in May signed a decree banning the US citizens and legal entities from operations with the sovereign debt of Venezuela.

"The main cause of today's tragedy that 32 million people are experiencing is the barbaric American sanctions imposed in 2015, and the fall in oil prices, that is Venezuela’s main source of the government revenue, but not Chavez-Maduro’s wrong policy. Venezuela’s economy collapsed, because import became impossible, because one cannot use dollar to pay for it after imposing sanctions by Obama and then by Trump. Venezuelan hospitals were without drugs, because international banks refuse to accept payment for them in the US dollars from the Maduro government. The same thing happens with food and with the resources needed to run the industry. All this is complemented by the buying of goods on the black market, controlled by local mafia groups, which are protected and encouraged by the opposition and the long arm of the United States", writes an outstanding researcher, sociologist, author of books about the mafia Pinot Arlacchi, based on the study of the UN documents and independent research centers.

These sanctions provide for truly barbaric prohibitions: a ban on the purchase of Venezuelan oil, a ban on the sale to Venezuela of medicines, foods and essential goods.

However, it is not only about sanctions. At the beginning of November 2018, it became known for the first time that the Bank of England in London is delaying and blocking the withdrawal of 14 tons of gold owned by the Central Bank of Venezuela (Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV)). Then Reuters and Times reported that, according to unnamed British officials, the delay was caused by the difficulty and cost of obtaining insurance for transporting gold to Venezuela, as well as "standard measures to prevent money laundering." However, these reasons are completely contrived, and the real reason for blocking the withdrawal of BCV gold is, without a doubt, the joint intervention of the American and British authorities.

In fact, the United States, through the White House, the US Treasury, and the State Department, conspired with the British Foreign Office (MFA) and the British Treasury to force the Bank of England to delay and prevent the withdrawal of gold requested by Venezuela.

On January 28, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against the Venezuelan state oil-producing company PDVSA and blocked its assets with a total amount of $ 7 billion.

The next day, the US State Department announced the confiscation of part of the accounts of the government and the central bank of Venezuela in US banks and the transfer of money from these accounts under the control of Juan Guaydo.

Thus, the cause of the socio-economic crisis is not the economic failures, not the depletion of the state budget of Venezuela as a result of the wrong economic decisions of the government. There is a lot of money in the accounts. But the reason is that the main sellers of goods, medicines and food products - the United States and their obedient satellites - have been refusing to trade with Venezuela for several years, and now they have confiscated 14 tons of Venezuelan gold from the Bank of England worth more than $ 1 billion and they also actually confiscated multi-billion sums from the accounts of the government and the central bank of Venezuela in American banks.

Thus, a conscientious analysis of the causes of the events in Venezuela and around it clearly shows that the true goal of the United States and its allies in this Latin American country is to destabilize the political situation and change legal power through economic suffocation, artificial creation of “dual power” and color revolution.

Inal Pliev, expert of IA “Res“

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