South Ossetia intends to open a Trade house in Syria, Damascus is preparing similar steps

Fri, 19/04/2019 - 20:34

South Ossetia is working to open its Trade House in Syria, Damascus is taking similar steps, said on Friday Samer Al-Khalil, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of the SAR, at the Yalta International Economic Forum.

The parties held a meeting on the margins of the Forum, which opened in Yalta on Thursday. The delegation of South Ossetia at the meeting was headed by President Anatoly Bibilov, who had previously announced the preparation of joint cooperation projects in the economic sphere with Syria.

"The Ossetian party has taken effective steps to create a trading house in Syria that would operate on a permanent basis. The Syrian party also began to prepare the basis for opening its trading house in Ossetia," the Syrian minister said.

He has noted that in Damascus they feel "the desire of the Ossetian side to develop relations at a rapid pace."

Syria May 29, 2018 announced the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. On Thursday, Bibilov said that the Embassy of South Ossetia would be opened in Damascus without fail, the issue is under negotiation. He has noted that South Ossetia is interested in establishing economic ties with Syria. In turn, Al-Khalil offered the head of South Ossetia to send representatives of the Republic to participate in the International Fair in Damascus, the South Ossetian leader’s website reported on Friday.

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