Tehran assessed South Ossetia’s desire to reestablish ties with Iran

Mon, 20/05/2019 - 00:43

The peoples of Iran and Ossetia have common historical roots, which can become a ground for cooperation in the sphere of culture, cinema, television, literature and music. This was stated by the Iranian international politics columnist, Tehran University professor Hassan Beheshtipur, commenting on the interview of the President of South Ossetia with the Iranian and Latin American media, in which Anatoly Bibilov noted the interest of the Ossetian state in establishing humanitarian and economic partnership with Iran.

“The peoples of Iran and Ossetia have common historical roots dating back thousands of years. Of course, there are opportunities to cooperate in the field of rich ancient culture, in the field of cinema, television, literature and music. These are the ideal conditions for restoring the ties between Iran and South Ossetia,” the Deputy head of the Presidential Executive Ofice Elina Marzoeva quotes Bekheshtipura.

At the same time, he has noted that the trips of South Ossetian citizens to Iran and vice versa will significantly enrich the people’s knowledge about each other.

“We understand that Georgia, due to territorial claims against South Ossetia, will not participate in the process of establishing relations between Iran and South Ossetia. In this case, the only possible mediator in this issue remains Russia, and I welcome its possible contribution to this cause,” stated Beheshtipur.

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