Business for the Georgian army

Thu, 11/07/2019 - 20:48

Georgia has long been among the top newsmakers in the global media space. A special place in this news flow occupy messages relating to the military sphere. Until now, the media and the Internet have been vigorously discussing investigations into abuses by officials of the Saakashvili era, the public is learning about new details of dubious arms purchase deals for the Georgian army.

Corruption in the Georgian army has been talked about for a long time, but with the change of power in the country, this topic has become even more relevant. New “servants of the people” came to the place of the old corrupt officials from the leadership circles, who also were not averse to profit from the state “trough”.

The powerful Pro-Western lobby promotes various programs and projects to bring Georgia closer to NATO. Thus, under the pretext of bringing the Georgian army in line with the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance, Tbilisi is being slipped out-of-date weapons and equipment, which are quite expensive for Brussels to destroy.

Disposal of various weapons has become a serious problem for NATO. At the same time, the Alliance does not reduce the rate of production of new types by the American commercial companies Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. The disposal process itself is complex and requires very strict security measures. This is due to the negative impact on the environment: atmospheric pollution with harmful gases, penetration of cyanide and heavy metals into the soil, which makes it unsuitable for further processing. It is not surprising that such a procedure costs a lot of money.

With Georgia as an “ally”, the Alliance found a way to save on weapons disposal. Corrupt army officials, who are ready to buy NATO weapons at the price of a new one, are happy about this.

So, the Georgian army turns into a business structure, and Georgia into a military training ground for the West. Moreover, the American lobby of the bribed Georgian security forces does not care about the security of the country. Rumor has it that a “generous” proposal by the West is being discussed on the government sidelines for sending refugees from Africa and the Middle East to the EU. Military analysts, quite rustling American dollars in their pockets, are silent about the negative consequences of this initiative. At the official level, this issue is also not covered.

In this situation, one can hardly talk about the combat capability of the Georgian army. In real combat conditions, the Georgian military probably would prefer to flee, just like their commanders, who care about preserving their business, and not about the security of the country.

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