The President presented awards to peacekeepers: Each of you gave hope for a quiet life

Fri, 12/07/2019 - 18:57

On the eve of the 27th anniversary of the mixed peacekeeping forces entering South Ossetia, President Anatoly Bibilov presented state awards to peacekeepers - medals "For Military Labor for Peace" and "Defender of the Fatherland", the presidential press service reports.

The head of state thanked them for their service and stressed that thanks to the deployment of the peacekeeping forces, the people of the Republic of South Ossetia found peace and tranquility.

“Today we are celebrating an important date - the Day of the Entry of the Mixed Peacekeeping Forces in South Ossetia. We all remember how our citizens met peacekeepers: with tears of joy in their eyes and with flowers in their hands. Each of you, serving in peacekeeping forces, gave hope for a quiet life,” said the President, addressing those present.

“The first to be attacked were Russian peacekeepers. The Georgian battalion did not take any measures to protect its colleagues. Moreover, the Georgian “peacekeepers” became participants in the perfidious attack on South Ossetia and the destruction of both the peacekeepers and the people of the Republic,” he said.

Those present observed a minute of silence in memory of the fallen peacekeepers.

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