Independence Day of South Ossetia is being celebrated in Ossetian communities of many countries

Tue, 27/08/2019 - 21:51

On August 26, South Ossetia celebrated one of the most significant dates in its history - the Day of recognition of the state independence of the Republic of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation.

This day the people of our Republic waited, suffered for many decades, went through wars periodically unleashed against South Ossetia by Georgia. The victory was reached at the cost of thousands of lives of civilians and defenders of the Fatherland, crippled fates and the bitter fate of missing citizens.

Starting from August 26, 2008, the holiday of recognition of independence is celebrated not only in South Ossetia. Then, on that historic day, spontaneous rallies, holiday tables appeared in different parts of North Ossetia, in Ossetian communities of Russia and many countries of the world. Since then, Independence Day has become one of the main holidays for Ossetians living around the globe.

The Bagaev family is living in Kursk, for whom the recognition of the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation is an important event that they have been celebrating with their neighbors every year for eleven consecutive years. Moreover, in recent years, the neighbors began to organize this holiday themselves, knowing how important it is for the Bagaev family, for the whole of Ossetia: they decorate the entrance and courtyard, post an announcement about the upcoming holiday, and the Ossetian tricolor is at the entrance.

Together they prepare a festive feast. On the table, of course, there are dishes of the Ossetian cuisine, delicious Ossetian pies have long been a favorite dish of citizens of multinational Russia ...

So, Independence Day became the next link in the Russian and South Ossetian peoples.

History of recognition of the independence

On November 17, 2006, the Republic of South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic mutually recognized each other as the independent states.

Earlier, in 2000, meetings of Foreign Ministers and an advisory council at the expert level were established between these republics.

August 26, 2008 - recognition of the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation.

September 9, 2008 - establishment of diplomatic relations between South Ossetia and Russia.

September 3, 2008 - the Republic of Nicaragua recognized the independence of the South Ossetian state, followed by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on September 10, 2009, the Republic of Nauru on December 16, 2009, and Tuvalu on September 19, 2011.

On January 28, 2015, the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia was recognized by the Luhansk People's Republic, and on May 11 of the same year, the Donetsk People's Republic.

Three years after the last recognition, on May 29, 2018, when Independence Day was celebrated in South Ossetia, the Syrian Arab Republic recognized the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia.

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