The works of the South Ossetian artists will be presented at the exhibition in Abkhazia

Tue, 10/09/2019 - 15:23

Artists of South Ossetia are invited to participate in celebrations dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the Victory in the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia 1992-1993, the Chairman of the Union of Artists of the Republic Tamerlan Tskhovrebov told the news agency “Res”.

According to him, about 40 works by South Ossetian artists will be presented at the exhibition in Abkhazia, during the celebration of Independence Day (Liberation Day) of the Republic.

“The exhibition of works by Ossetian artists and craftsmen will take place in the Central Exhibition Hall,” he said.

Tskhovrebov has also noted that the exhibition of the South Ossetian artists will also be held in Tskhinval on September 20, the Republic Day.

September 30 – the Day of Liberation of the Republic of Abkhazia is the main holiday of the entire Abkhaz people. The holiday is associated with the anniversary of the liberation of Sukhum, the capital of the Republic of Abkhazia, from the Georgian troops.

The fighting for Sukhum in September 1993 turned the general course of the Patriotic War in Abkhazia. The liberation of the capital from the Georgian troops and the further offensive lasted for 11 days.

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