Georgia has lost the right to lament over the architecture of Tskhinval

Tue, 17/09/2019 - 22:12

Destruction of the building of the former Regional Consumer Union, on the second floor of which before the 1991-1992 military aggression of Georgia. was the Jewish Cultural Center, caused a lively dialogue on the pages on the social network Facebook.

Residents of nearby houses, who for many years appealed to the authorities for help, consider this step the right measure, arguing that one of the walls of the building collapsed, and the same fate could befall the others, threatening the lives of children who loved to play in its shady coolness. Citizens have repeatedly expressed concern about its condition and the resulting unsanitary around the abandoned building.

Their interlocutors claim that if the building did not collapse during the shelling of 1991-1992, 2004 and 2008, then it could stand for a long time. There are suggestions to think about its restoration with the preservation of architecture, as the restored museum, theater and hotel.

But very outrageous thing in this story is the interference of representatives of the Georgian side.

The Rustavi-2 television company, which recently was the mouthpiece of Saakashvili, which fostered such "luminaries" of the political thought of modern Georgia as the infamous Gabunia (though it managed to change the owner after that), burst out with crocodile tears about the destruction of this building. Crocodile because they do not really experience the feelings in the presence of which they want to make everyone believe.

We love and respect freedom of speech. However, it is Georgian sources that do not have the right to speak on this subject. They lost the right to discuss the events in South Ossetia and express their attitude towards them when the illegal armed formations of Georgia together with the troops of the State Council of Georgia in 1991-92 subjected heavy fire to the Jewish Quarter. In 2008, their "feat" was repeated by the Georgian armed forces.

But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that in 1990 this building stood firmly on its feet. There was also a shop there, loved by everyone. And it was Georgia with its actions that caused a chain of events that led to its desolation, ruin, dilapidation, destruction, and then demolition.

The Georgian representatives wished to promote on a popular topic, to mock at the incident, at the feelings of the residents of Tskhinval. Moreover, they knew that this, and the thousands of other destruction and deaths in Tskhinval and throughout South Ossetia are the work of their hands, the work of their ideological accomplices and like-minded people. This behavior evokes feelings that are far from approval.

Authorship: Analytical department of IA "Res"

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