An exhibition of materials from the archives of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation has opened in South Ossetia

Mon, 04/11/2019 - 19:28

Materials from the Archives of foreign policy of the Russian Empire dedicated to the 270th anniversary of the First Embassy of Ossetia in St. Petersburg were presented at the South Ossetian National Museum.

The presentation was attended by President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov, Russian Ambassador to South Ossetia Marat Kulakhmetov, Prime Minister Eric Pukhaev, Foreign Minister Dmitry Medoev and others.

Anatoly Bibilov expressed gratitude to Marat Kulakhmetov, with whose assistance the materials were transferred to the museum.

“These historical documents confirm the necessity and timeliness of the step that our ancestors once took,” the President said. - The importance of these materials can hardly be overestimated; they tell about our relations with Russia, which are deeply rooted in history. And these facts will, of course, be regarded as a serious political step taken by representatives of Ossetia, a unified Ossetia, so that it, as a single territorial space, enters the Russian Empire.”

According to Bibilov, the historical processes that began between South Ossetia and Russia 270 years ago have their continuation in the modern world.

“We know that the Treaty of Alliance and Integration, signed between our states, is a continuation of the historical steps that our ancestors took in their time,” Bibilov emphasized. “And today we must do everything for maximum integration with our great homeland - the Russian Federation.”

Marat Kulakhmetov, in turn, has noted that relations between South Ossetia and the Russian Federation are getting stronger every year.

“270 years of history have shown that our peoples have always been united,” said the Ambassador. - And the exposition, which opened today, will serve as a kind of bridge, returning us to important historical facts. I think visitors to the museum will be happy to get acquainted with it.”

Dmitry Medoev, for his part, also noted the importance of opening a new exhibition within the walls of the museum, and also presented the departmental award - the medal “Zurab Magkaty. First Ossetian Ambassador to St. Petersburg”, established by the Foreign Ministry in honor of the 270th anniversary of the First Ossetian Embassy in St. Petersburg.

The Minister presented the head of state with the medal number #1, the awards were also received by Marat Kulakhmetov, Eric Pukhaev, representative of South Ossetia in Transnistria Vitaly Yankovsky, Ambassador of Transnistria to the Republic Alan Pliev.

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