New records: Ossetian powerlifter Sarmat Ikaev is preparing for the championship in Finland

Wed, 06/11/2019 - 11:49

Sarmat Ikaev is preparing for the junior championship which will be held in spring in Finland. The South Ossetian athlete recently won the deadlift at the World Cup in зowerlifting, where he performed in the weight class up to 125 kg in the age group of athletes under 23 years old. He was able to perform traction with a barbell weighing 285 kg.

“After the victory in the World Cup, I am now in a recovery period. And from December, I’ll start to intensively prepare for the upcoming European Championship,” Sarmat Ikeav said. The athlete intends to do everything possible to please his fellow countrymen.

The South Ossetian athlete is a three-time winner of the European Championships (2015, 2016, 2018), a two-time world champion (2016-2017) in powerlifting. He is also the world record holder among young men in deadlift, and in this sport in 2016 set a world record by completing traction with a barbell weighing 280.5 kg.

At the European Championships in 2018, he won first place in a w / c up to 125 kg. Then our athlete in deadlift already lifted a barbell weighing 302.5 kg, in a squat with a barbell on his back, he showed the result of 300 kg, and in the bench press lying - 160 kg.

Ikaev is training under the guidance of Tskhinval trainers Arthur Pliev and Atsamaz Gabaev.

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