Heroic annals of the people: flowers were laid in Tskhinval in memory of the events of November 23, 1989

Sat, 23/11/2019 - 22:31

The November events of 1989 were dedicated by laying of flowers on the southern outskirts of Tskhinval. A monument has been erected here, symbolizing the steadfastness and courage of the sons of Ossetia, who, thirty years ago holding hands, formed a “living chain” on the path of armed Georgian nationalists, preventing them from breaking into the city. The event participants - hundreds of residents of South Ossetia laid flowers at the memorial, once again recalling the heroic annals of their people.

Prime Minister and Speaker of the Republic, Erik Pukhaev and Alan Tadtaev, Russian Ambassador to the Republic, Marat Kulakhmetov, participants in the hostilities of 1989-2008, former president Leonid Tibilov and others also attended the memorial event.

As noted by director of the Tskhinval school No. 1 Rusudan Gobozova in a comment to IA “Res”, today the Ossetian people recall with sadness and sorrow.

“30 years ago, the best sons of Ossetia stood up against the enemy, defending their people, their Ossetia with their breasts. This confrontation against the thousands of hordes of our enemies then proved that the Ossetian people would not kneel, that they were ready to defend themselves. And that day a national idea was born, the idea of ​​uniting our people, the idea of ​​victory, self-awareness of the self-preservation of our people as an ethnic group as a whole,” said Gobozova.

Anna Valieva, a student of the South Ossetian State University, in turn, noted the importance of holding such commemorative events that tell the story of the people of South Ossetia.

“The young generation does not remember the events of November 1989, while they played an important role in the fate of our people,” the student emphasized. “Therefore, it is very important that they tell us about the heroic feat of the sons of Ossetia, we, in turn, as their descendants feel great gratitude to them, thank them for the feat.”

On November 10, 1989, the Regional Council of People's Deputies of South Ossetia decided to transform the autonomous region into an autonomous republic and sent an appeal to Tbilisi to approve this decision, following the example of other autonomous regions of the USSR. In Georgia, the appeal of the South Ossetian deputies was received with hostility and decided to forever discourage the Ossetians from seeking political rights.

On November 23, 1989, a huge motorcade with several tens of thousands of Georgian extremists moved to South Ossetia for a mass intimidation action. A handful of unarmed young Ossetian guys stood in front of them with a "living chain", blocking the path of the aggressor to prevent him from entering the city. After a short time, inspired by patriotism, hundreds of residents of South Ossetia joined the children.

This day went down in the history of the Ossetian people as a symbol of the courage of the defenders of the Fatherland and the national unity of the people of the Republic.

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