Diplomats were honored in South Ossetia

Sat, 08/02/2020 - 13:56

In honor of the Diplomatic Worker's Day, the Russian Embassy in South Ossetia organized a gala reception in Tskhinval. The event was attended by the leadership of South Ossetia, headed by President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov, representatives of various departments, the public of the Republic.

Russian Ambassador to South Ossetia Marat Kulakhmetov addressed his colleagues and guests, noting that the Russian diplomatic service has a long and significant history.

“For many centuries, diplomats performed their work in various conditions, standing on the cutting edge of solving all the problems of the Russian state during the war and in the years of peace. For many centuries, diplomats performed their work in various conditions. In today's difficult time for the world, when the falsification of historical truth is taking place, and when international law is replaced by incomprehensible concepts and rules established by a certain group of states, the role of diplomacy is only increasing. Russian diplomats have to defend the interests of the state on various fronts and corners of the globe, and they perform this task with dignity, " Kulakhmetov said.

Marat Kulakhmetov reminded that the Russian Embassy in South Ossetia has been fulfilling its mission since 2009.

“Our relationship has become allied. It is very pleasant to observe how the relationship is developing dynamically, how the Investment Program is being implemented. I am sure that this development will continue. The key to cooperation will be the prosperity and international recognition of South Ossetia as an independent,” the Ambassador said.

The Head of State Anatoly Bibilov congratulated diplomats on their professional holiday, noting that a lot has been done during the existence of the Russian Embassy in South Ossetia in terms of signing interdepartmental agreements and developing foreign policy activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia.

“Diplomats have to work hard. For many years, the Russian Foreign Ministry has been defending the interests of the Republic of South Ossetia in virtually all states.

The professional holiday of diplomatic workers of the Russian Federation is celebrated in Russia annually on February 10.

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