South Ossetia for the first time concluded a contract with Kazakhstan for the supply of its wine

Fri, 14/02/2020 - 11:22

South Ossetia signed the first contract with Kazakhstan for the supply of wine at the largest international food exhibition "Prodexpo-2020" in Moscow, said on Thursday the head of the South Ossetian wine enterprise "Ironsaen Winery" Alexey Tsapaev.

"Ironsaen winery" - the only winery in South Ossetia, was opened in 2018 thanks to the participation of a group of Russian investors. The first batch of wine in 32 thousand bottles under the name "Alansky reserve" was released at the enterprise in December 2018, and at the beginning of last year, South Ossetia sent the first batch of products for export to Russia - 14 thousand bottles of wine.

"The winery of South Ossetia for the second time is presenting its products at the Prodexpo exhibition. Our products are of great interest to the exhibitors. At the Prodexpo, we signed a contract with Kazakhstan for the supply of our wine. We plan to ship the first batch of 15 thousand bottles in March ", - Tsapaev told TASS, adding that this is the first contract concluded by South Ossetia with Kazakhstan.

The head of the enterprise noted that in the near future, the customer should determine which wines will be delivered to Kazakhstan. "They have a list of our products, product samples, and based on their wishes, an export cargo to Kazakhstan will be formed," he said.

The "Ironsaen" Winery is a project that is implemented by an investment group that includes Fotisal LLC, Russan LLC and TVK-Kuban LLC. Previously, the Tskhinval wine factory, which was put into operation in 1959, was functioning in the Republic. It was producing vintage wine, champagne, apple and plum juices, however, in the early 90s, production at the enterprise ceased.

The exhibition "Prodexpo"

On February 10-14, Moscow is hosting the largest international food and beverage exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe - Prodexpo 2020. At the exhibition are presented food from around the world: from basic foods and drinks for every day to gourmet delicacies, as well as organic, sports nutrition, for a healthy lifestyle, halal, kosher, exotic products. It contains the largest exposition of alcoholic beverages from more than 30 countries. Manufacturers coincide with the exhibition the launch of new products, brands, annually up to 14% of new products are presented here.

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