From the report of the Gori district Commissioner I. E. Kartsivadze to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia on the situation in South Ossetia.

Sat, 22/02/2020 - 12:29

The following report of the Gori district Commissioner I. Ye. Kartsivadze on the situation in South Ossetia was received by the Interior Ministry.

After the bloody Tskhinvali events in South Ossetia, calming down gradually came, and now we can say with confidence that there will no longer be such protests of the population against our government and the order established in the republic.

But, unfortunately, we have to state that attacks have become more frequent and sometimes take on a threatening character-robberies*, so that normal life is disrupted and even it is often not possible for local authorities to perform their official duties…

The mountain Ossetia, which since the time of anarchy has become a haven of malicious elements and enemies of the Georgian Democratic Republic, is now a free arena of attacks and robberies ...

The power is paralyzed: the Commissar with his 20 policemen is not able to establish order. In view of this, Mountain Ossetia did not give us a single soldier. It is also not possible to levy taxes on the population, and all this is due to the fact that so far, we have not been able to disarm the population…

The newspaper "Struggle" November 21, 1918, No. 22.


* The Menshevik government called the "attacks", "robberies" the revolutionary actions of the peasants.

From the book "The struggle of the working people of South Ossetia for Soviet power" (1917-1921). Documents and materials. Compiled by I.N. Tskhovrebov.