Order No. 3 of the head of the punitive detachment of the Mensheviks, Major General Karalov, on the offensive on Tskhinval

Wed, 26/02/2020 - 16:25

Tomorrow, May 12, at 6 o’clock in the morning, the companies of the Tiflis Provincial Battalion, which are part of the unit entrusted to me, march from Gori to Tskhinval and camp in its vicinity, leaving a company in Gori to cover artillery.

Overnight up to 6 hours. on the morning of May 13th at village of Tkviavi with four prohibitions. To lanch the attack on May 13th at 6 o’clock. mornings with cover and camp near the village of Tkviavi. To ensure the safety and unimpeded movement of the units of the detachment, both on a campaign, and on a halt and overnight, take security measures in accordance with the charter of the field service. When the units camp near the settlements, it is strictly forbidden for individual soldiers to enter the settlements: in cases where there is a need to do this, send them with teams of at least 3 soldiers in full combat readiness ... the detachments upon arrival at the designated place should establish connection with the headquarters entrusted to me. The battalion commanders, companies and batteries will come to me today at two in the afternoon to receive instructions and orders.

The above was signed by the head of the detachment, Major General Karalov.

Chief of Staff Lt. Col. Gulisov.

TsGAOOR and SS Gr. SSR, f. 12 s., 123, l. 6. Copy, typewritten.

1919 - May 11.

From the book "The struggle of the working people of South Ossetia for Soviet power" (1917-1921). Documents and materials. Compiled by I.N. Tskhovrebov.