South Ossetia extended restrictions on border crossing with Russia until August 31

Tue, 28/07/2020 - 23:28

By the decision of the operational headquarters, from August 1, some concessions will be introduced - a set of three tests - for entering citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia from Russia

The operational headquarters of South Ossetia at the meeting on Tuesday made a decision to extend the restrictions on crossing the state border with Russia until 23.59 minutes on August 31, a corresponding resolution will be adopted by the Republic's cabinet on Wednesday. Previously, the ban on crossing the state border through the Ruck checkpoint was in effect until July 31.

According to the President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov, who is taking part in the work of the headquarters, this decision is necessary to prevent the penetration of coronavirus into the territory of South Ossetia.

"The situation in North Ossetia does not give us the opportunity to relax. Until we are confident in the safety of our citizens, we have no right to endanger their lives. I think that the road should be closed in August," Bibilov said, noting that the decision cancel restrictions will be accepted depending on the situation.

He appealed to the population so that they would be sympathetic to the decisions taken by the government, "because they are aimed at the safety of our citizens."

The President has noted that the majority of the population supports the steps taken by the leadership.

"About 1,000 people have been evacuated from North Ossetia, there are about 450 people in line to come to South Ossetia," the head of state said. "Conditions will also be created for them to return home. I ask the citizens who stayed outside the Republic to remember We are all in the same conditions, not only the leadership of the Republic, but all residents of the Republic, as one we are fighting this infection so that it does not penetrate the territory of South Ossetia. We were always united by difficulties and together, therefore I urge everyone to consciously approach the situation that has developed throughout the world. "

The head of the Ministry of Health of South Ossetia Georgy Totchiev has noted that it is proposed to introduce certain easing for those arriving in the Republic.

"A set of three tests, primarily for antibodies, can free a citizen from being in quarantine. Based on the results of testing citizens in North Ossetia, the relevant information will be provided to the consulate in Vladikavkaz. Information from there will be provided to us, and then a decision will be made to release the citizen. The only requirement is that a person must be tested on the territory of South Ossetia in order to once again make sure that the person does not pose a threat in terms of being infected with the coronavirus, "he stressed.

The measures taken do not apply to citizens of South Ossetia returning on a specially designed schedule through the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Republic, members of official delegations, employees of diplomatic missions, Russian military personnel, citizens leaving in connection with the death of a close relative, persons sent by the Ministry of Health to receive high-tech medical assistance, as well as for the drivers of transport attracted by the government to provide the Republic with food and essential goods, medicines, construction and other goods.

To date, 89 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in South Ossetia, of which 87 people recovered and were discharged from a medical facility.

Since March this year, the South Ossetian authorities have introduced restrictions on entry into the country for all foreigners, except for citizens of the Russian Federation, and also closed the state border with Georgia.

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