The principle of double standards is applied to South Ossetia, - Foreign Minister

Fri, 14/08/2020 - 22:16

Among many Western countries, unfortunately, is prevailing the unwillingness to recognize the 30-year period of the existence of sovereign South Ossetia, including the 12-year period of Russia's recognition of state independence, which the Republic annually celebrates every year on August 26, said in an interview with the American edition of Newsweek, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the RSO Dmitry Medoev.

The Newsweek correspondent Tom O'Connor asked the Minister about how life had changed in the country after gaining independence from Georgia, and what does this event mean for its people?

“The principle of double standards is applied to us, such clichés as the “occupied territory”, “puppet regime”, etc. are being spread. However, following the logic of the so-called "West", it would be more correct to ask ourselves whether we are the occupied. I assure you, any citizen of South Ossetia will smile if someone asks him about it. Moreover, they will think badly of you. On the contrary, I will answer you absolutely definitely - the people of South Ossetia are deeply grateful to the Russian government for its timely decisions: first, sending troops, and then recognizing the independence of our country in August 2008. It was these decisions that saved our people from genocide, which threatened us in case of a successful attack by the Georgian army,” "West Medoev said.

According to him, for the Republic, August 26 is the Victory Day, an event that is called historical in the country.

“And we are proud of our country, our independence. Today we live in safety thanks to the presence of the Russian military in South Ossetia, our border is guarded jointly with the Russian border guards,” the Minister stressed.

He has noted that in 2008, peace came to South Ossetia, which is very much valued in the Republic.

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