The Tbilisi regime is demonstrating aggressive intentions towards South Ossetia – the KGB

Wed, 16/09/2020 - 22:12

The Tbilisi regime, using the capabilities of the Georgian State Security Service, tried on September 12-15 to once again put in a negative light the legal and daily activities of the RSO border authorities, implementing a set of measures to ensure border security and the territorial integrity of the Republic, the press service of the RSO KGB reports.

"In particular, the State Security Service, having applied the double standards and tactics of misinformation to the wider international community, characteristic of the Georgian special agencies and their American curators, declared another fact of" illegal borderisation ", which allegedly inflicts" damage on the security environment. "In this regard, the KGB of the RSO has noted that currently, one of the main urgent threats to the regional security of the entire Transcaucasia is the unconstructive position of the Tbilisi authorities, which deny the political results of August 2008 and the tragic consequences of the almost century-old genocide of the southern part of the Ossetian people, "the press service said.

The ministry added that by refusing to adopt a legally binding document on the non-use of force or the threat of its use, as well as regularly conducting NATO military exercises on its territory with the development of tactical elements of the operation to establish control over the Ruc k tunnel and the entire territory of South Ossetia, the Tbilisi regime demonstrates the presence of revanchist aggressive intentions towards South Ossetia and its civilian population.

"In order to prevent escalation, as well as implementing the process of unilateral demarcation of the State Border line of the Republic of South Ossetia envisaged by international law, the South Ossetian border authorities are carrying out the planned work on its engineering equipment, and exclusively on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia, "the department emphasized.

They added that recently, the Border Service of the Republic had recorded an increase in attempts to violate the state border by individual citizens of Georgia, as well as by forces intending to receive certain dividends during the election campaign unfolded in Georgia.

"So, on September 15, 2020 at 07:05 in the vicinity of the settlement of Amdzarin, Leningor district, near the South Ossetian-Georgian border, was recorded the presence of 20 civilians and 6 police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. The persons present were demonstrating banners, taking photo and video of the territory of the Republic South Ossetia against the backdrop of the scenery they deployed in the form of a reinforced steel barbed tape "Egoza". In the process of photo and video documentation filming reflective shields were used, "the press service stressed.

As noted by the Ministry, given the outbreak in Georgia of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the quarantine measures introduced by the neighboring state, the appearance of people who may be carriers of infection near the territory of South Ossetia, the Committee regards as a deliberate provocation that could negatively affect the epidemiological situation in the Republic. ...

"At the same time, the KGB of the RSO positively evaluates the activities of individual representatives of the Georgian NGO movement, who bring to the citizens of Georgia truthful information about the state status of South Ossetia and the existence of the State border between the RSO and Georgia, as well as the true causes and culprits of the so-called Tsnelis crisis "From among the top leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service of Georgia," the press service said.

In addition, the KGB of the RSO once again draws the attention of the Georgian side to the fact that. there are no so-called occupying forces on the territory of the Republic. South Ossetia is a state recognized by a number of countries of the international community, and therefore we recommend the Georgian authorities to study international law and use the correct terminology in relation to the independent state - the Republic of South Ossetia.

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