Stanislav Kochiev: the whole world is based on a compromise, any power is a compromise

Thu, 10/12/2020 - 11:51

On December 9, 1990, the first elections to the Supreme Soviet of the South Ossetian Soviet Republic were held in South Ossetia. The deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of the 1st convocation, the Chairman of the Parliament of the 3rd and 5th convocations, the leader of the Communist Party Stanislav Kochiev in his comments to the "Res" news agency has noted that they were held in a free, democratic atmosphere, although a certain tension in the socio-political situation was already felt then.

“On the other hand, it was this that contributed to the fact that mainly people who were literate, knowledgeable, alien to demagoguery and populism, received deputy mandates,” he said.

The politician has noted that all the forces of the first parliament were aimed at reducing the intensity of passions, finding a way out of the current situation, and taking competent and balanced steps during that difficult period.

“Of course, in the early days this atmosphere of romance, this air of freedom turned some heads. However, the subsequent dramatic and tragic events made it clear to everyone that being a deputy, the people's trust, is, albeit an honorable, but a heavy duty and responsibility. And, most importantly, tireless daily work for the sake of a better future of the native people,” recalls Stanislav Kochiev.

30 years have passed since December 9, 1990. “During this time, a whole generation has changed. A completely different historical era has come. Undoubtedly, both socio-political conditions and the system of state power have changed. The name of our state has changed, there has been a transition from a parliamentary republic to a presidential one, the system of forming a parliament has changed twice, etc. However, both 30 years ago and today, the parliament continues to be the most important government body, the most important branch of state power, which is primarily designed to be guided by the interests of the voter,” he stressed.

The politician has congratulated the MPs on the 30th anniversary of the country's highest legislative body. “I wish them new achievements in the field of lawmaking, high professionalism and creative work in the name of the Motherland. And, most importantly, everyone should remember: the whole world is based on a compromise, any power is a compromise. The alternative to this is only an endless war of extermination, "Kochiev said, adding that" if our deputies had not understood this from the very beginning, we would hardly have survived to this day".

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