Six people with COVID-19 were admitted to the South Ossetian medical center in a day

Sat, 09/01/2021 - 19:04

Over the past day, six patients with coronavirus infection have been admitted to the "red zones" of the Republican Multidisciplinary Medical Center of South Ossetia, two people were discharged for outpatient follow-up treatment.

As the chief infectious disease specialist of the Republic, Eleonora Dzhioeva, told IA "RES ", as of the morning of January 9, 66 patients with COVID-19 are being treated at the medical center.

"Currently, 33 patients are being treated in the infectious diseases building, 33 in the building of the children's hospital. Of these, three patients are in the intensive care unit," the doctor said.

In addition, the admission and triage department of the medical center on Friday received 24 patients, of which one was hospitalized.

"Four people were referred for computed tomography of the chest organs. 38 patients were tested in the admission and triage department," said the chief infectious disease specialist.

The mobile teams also examined one patient at home, two were tested.

Until January 15, the ban on the work of secondary, vocational and higher educational institutions has been extended, except for primary schools and rural small-scale institutions, a mask regime is in effect, it is necessary to observe social distance in public places.

Experts previously announced a possible outbreak of coronavirus in the Republic after the New Year weekend.

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