Tourism development prospects: Russian guests visited South Ossetia

Sun, 10/01/2021 - 19:14

During the New Year holidays, a group of tourists from Rostov-on-Don arrived in South Ossetia. For several days, the guests studied different places of the Republic, tasted local national cuisine. A group of tourists arrived on the invitation of the kyokushinkai karate coach Vladmir Sozaev.

As Sozaev told the IA "RES”, the tourists had visited the resort in the village of Kroz and the ski resort of Tson.

“I invited a friend from Rostov, kyokushinkai karate coach Anatoly Fazgiev, and he came with his family and friends, there were 15 of them in total. We settled here in one of the motels, where there is a national cuisine and caring and kind owners, which disposed to a good rest and mood. The first day I made a sightseeing tour of Tskhinval, and on the second day I took them to the “Kroz Tour” guest house in the village of Kroz. Snow, light frost, sledding from slides and horseback riding left wonderful memories. The guests were satisfied,” Sozaev said.

He has noted that they also visited the Tson village.

“The trip to Tson was admirable. I also invited my athletes, the children quickly got acquainted, and before dusk they could not be driven off the slides, " he said.

The last day, according to Sozaev, the guests from Rostov decided to spend in North Ossetia and visit the memorial in the first school in the city of Beslan, as well as the City of Angels cemetery.

According to him, South Ossetia has every opportunity to attract tourists, amateurs of ecological recreation, athletes. He has noted that if each citizen invited ten of his friends and arranged a vacation for them here, the number of tourists could increase significantly, which, according to the coach, would increase the prestige of the Republic, creating opportunities for the development of tourism infrastructure.

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