Russian investigators have started to search for the missing citizens of South Ossetia

Mon, 09/05/2011 - 13:16

The investigation group of the Peacemaking mission named after general Lebed has proceed to searching for people missing in the course of the georgian-ossetian conflict in 1989-2008y.y. As a Chairman of the Council of the Peacemaking mission Alexander Mukomolov informed IA «Res», the actions of the investigators had been coordinated with the leadership of South Ossetia and the law-enforcement structures of the Republic. "At the point we are collecting samples of blood group of the relatives of the missing people to create a genetic and information data base of the Republic. The works on identification of the remains and the samples of blood will be conducted in the Russian centre of the judicial-medical expertise", - has reported Mukomolov. According to his words, the financing of the process of searching for the missing people has been allotted from the grant of the President of Russia, and is being realized by the Public Chamber of the RF.

"The main task is - to find and identify as many missing people of South Ossetia as possible. The resolving of this problem is possible only by mutual efforts with the state and public bodies of the Republic", - has emphasized Mukomolov. He has reported that the South-Ossetian public organization "Memory" is dealing with the physicians of the Republican somatic hospital of the RSO on question of gathering the blood group samples. The leader of the organization "Memory" Lida Kudzieva is also a leader of the Peacemaking mission named after general Lebed in South Ossetia. The relatives of the missing people may call Kudzieva by phone number +7(929) 805 27 75.

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