The role of the international organizations in the context of the problems of South Ossetia has been discussed at the Round table

Sat, 28/05/2011 - 19:29

The Round table on the subject "The role of the international organizations in the context of the problems of South Ossetia" has taken place in Tskhinval. The initiator of the Round table is the South-Ossetian non-government organization- Media-centre "Ir". The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the RSO Murat Dzhioev, the chairman of the Committee on legislation, legality and local self-government of the Parliament of the RSO Amiran Diaconov, a chief of the Management of Internal policy of the Administration of the President of the RSO Merab Zasseev, the experts of Media-centre "Ir" David Gobozov and David Gagloev, a state counselor of the President of the RSO Kosta Dzugaev, an authorized representative of the President of the RSO on religion affairs Sonya Khubaeva and the other public representatives have taken part in the work of the Round table. A question about the activities of the international organizations on the territory of the RSO participated in the political processes of South Ossetia since 1992-2008, has been put on the agenda.

«It is impossible to imagine the political processes in the modern world without international organizations. But it`s obvious that the majority of the international organizations is politically committed and tendentious, they know beforehand how to act. In this connection South Ossetia always found itself in a very complicated position", - has said Irina Gagloeva at the beginning of her speech. She has added that focusing on cooperation with the international organizations promotes to approach the international scene. The participants have agreed that for present-day the international organizations put all sorts of obstacles in the way of South Ossetia and one could not practically hear the voice of South Ossetia in the international scene, and this fact is explained by the notorious recognition of South Ossetia by the great countries, as well as the actual playing up to them. "The modern international organizations are following the big policy, and they are supporting not the trends they have declared, but only the great political players", - has noted Gagloeva. The next point was about the role of OSCE, which had been participating in the settlement of the ossetian-georgian conflict since 1992. In the course of the Round table the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the RSO Murat Dzhioev has given an assessment of the activities of OBSE on the territory of the RSO. "The majority of the countries of OBSE keep to their former positions, supporting the so-called state territorial wholeness of Georgia. However, we must cooperate with the international organizations if we want to obtain the international recognition, adhering to our own position. At the same time one could not estimate definitely the activities of OBSE in different periods of settling the georgian-ossetian conflict ", - has said the Foreign Secretary. Murat Dzhioev has emphasized the role of Russia in recognition of independence of the RSO, having noted that "exactly due to the aid of the Russian Federation we have defended our independence in 1992, in 2004, and it was Russia who had stopped the bloodshed in 2008". There was also mentioned the activity of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Norwegian Council for Refugees in South Ossetia, which had been implementing the humanitarian and economic projects for the Republic. In the course of the discussion it has been noted the activity of the only international organization, which at present is functioning on the territory of South of Ossetia in humanitarian sphere – The International Committee of the Red Cross. "The attitude towards this organization is also ambiguous. However, the economic projects, which they run for present-day in South Ossetia are very useful", - has added the Foreign Secretary of the RSO. Amiran Diaconov has also expressed his opinion; he has not excluded the possibility of working with the international organizations, but one must keep to their position. The Round table on the subject "The role of the international organizations in the context of the problems of South Ossetia» has been conducting within the framework of preparation for the international conference, which is supposed to be in autumn of this year.

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