A briefing on the occasion of commissioning of a new frontier military camp has taken place in South Ossetia

Wed, 29/06/2011 - 15:41

Today a briefing on the occasion of commissioning a new military camp of the FSB of Russia Frontier Management in the RSO has taken place in the settlement Grom in Tshkinvalskiy region of the RSO. The President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity, the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the RSO Elbrus Kargiev, the chief of the FSB of Russia Frontier Management in the RSO Alexander Murzin, the head of the Department of Boundary Protection of the FSB Frontier service in Russia Nicolay Kozik, the Deputy Minister for regional development of Russia Sergey Vereshchagin have had a speech at the briefing.

Edward Kokoity has underlined that the Russian frontier guards from the first days of their stay in South Ossetia have won the favor of the frontier area inhabitants of the Republic. He has also noticed that today Russia is establishing high-grade, interstate relations with South Ossetia which meet all international standards and requirements. «According to the agreements signed between the heads of both states, Russia is carrying out its commitments in full », - Kokoity has said, having added that owing to the Russian frontier guards in South Ossetia, to the military men of the 4th military base of the Russian Federation in the RSO, the Republic has been living in peace during the last three years. According to Nicolay Kozik, the Russian frontier guards are protecting the state border. «The Russian frontier guards do not discriminate the nations abroad, but just unite them, providing safety in the area», - Kozik has said. Alexander Murzin, in turn, has expressed his gratitude to Eduard Kokoity, to the Republic government, and also to the inhabitants of the settlement Grom for their help and support which they render the Russian frontier guards. «The new boundary military camp constructed in the settlement Grom means not only good conditions of life, but also a complex of modern technology which will essentially raise the quality of our work», - he has noted. According to Elbrus Kargiev, with recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia by Russia in August, 2008, there were created two friendly states on the political map and in Transcaucasia, in particular, two nations who have been living for centuries in close union with Russia and today we can see their development.

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