В Дзауском районе РЮО строится новый санаторно-курортный комплекс

Fri, 29/07/2011 - 13:03

Construction of a new sanatorium complex has begun in Dzausky region, RSO. It has been reported to the news agency "Res" by the initiator of the project Inal Gabaraev. «South Ossetia possesses high potential for sanatorium business. I had an idea of building a modern sanatorium complex for a long time. I have developed the corresponding investment project, - the interlocutor of the agency has noted – I have discussed this question with the President of the RSO. My business project has been regarded with understanding by him; he has rendered active assistance in receiving the credit on favorable terms».

According to Gabaraev, the sanatorium is under construction near the medical mineral source around the village Kodibyn. Health-improving programs of the resort will be directed on preventive measures and treatment of cardiovascular system diseases, locomotive system, digestive system and etc. The suites with high service will be provided for guests. «For clients of the sanatorium fishing, horse walks, sightseeing of the history monuments, trips over the picturesque, colourful places of the region will also be organized, - Gabaraev has added. According to the project, the sanatorium will be provided with the athletic fields, a gym, and a billiard room». He has informed that now works on digging a foundation ditch for constructing the buildings and premises provided in the project and construction of access roads, installation of electricity wires and delivery of necessary building materials are in full swing. «The works are being conducted according to the schedule. All works will be finished by May of the next year and reception of the clients will begin at the beginning of summer, 2012. The sanatorium will have all-the-year-round function», - the interlocutor of the agency has told According to Gabaraev, the project realization will promote creation of new jobs and receipt of additional financial assets in the Republican budget.

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