Eduard Kokoity: Presidential election in South Ossetia is the prerogative of its people


In Tskhinval the pre-election situation in South Ossetia was discussed at the meeting of the President of the RSO Eduard Kokoity with the Republican public. Having noticed that for today the situation in the Republic is quiet and stable, the head of the state, at the same time has warned those who try to strain the conditions and break the current legislation. «Election campaign always happens heavy, ambitious.

I want to address to everyone who considers himself the potential candidate for presidents. In election campaign different technologies are often applied, but people who cry about observance of the Constitution, about transparency and honesty of elections, more often infringe them themselves», - the President has declared. He has appealed to the future candidates be respectful to the people and to their achievements. «Let them to be inspired with responsibility, instead of personal hatred and hostility. They have imagined themselves the politicians. Nabobs and criminal clans will never rule in South Ossetia. Time of flirting with these forces has passed. We will apply rigid and uncompromising measures to those who will break the Constitution and keep in awe the people of the Republic », - has underlined Kokoity. He has reminded that the forthcoming elections – are the first ones for South Ossetia in the status of the recognized state and has declared of inadmissibility of political gamble on a subject of the secret influence of Moscow on the internal political life of the Republic. «Why should we draw Russia in these processes? Russia has no intention to interfere with the internal affairs of the sovereign state which Russia has recognized the first and renders it all kinds of assistance. The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has also declared about it.
Presidential election in South Ossetia is the prerogative of its people. And Moscow will welcome any choice of the people of South Ossetia, and will work with that person whom the people support. It is the position of Moscow», - the President has underlined. He has declared that after the elections, irrespective of his post and position, he intends to serve his people, restore the Republic and strengthen the statehood. As to the future president of South Ossetia, according to Kokoity, he will be a person who has been struggling for his people and has not left them in tough times. «There will not be any alien outsiders here. There are worthy men in the Republic and we should not seek for anyone elsewhere», - the head of the state has concluded.

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